Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clicks & Cliques...

As we begin this journey together, getting to know one another & our selves a bit better, I think it's important to keep in mind that not everyone will immediately "click". Some of us might not even "click" at all! That's just the way life is. You may have the same goals for your life but choose completely different paths to get there. Or, maybe your goals are somewhat different but your personalities are TOTALLY different. And then sometimes your goals, interests & personalities are all COMPLETELY different! That's OK!! That's what makes the world go round. Each of us is unique & special in our own way.

I hope that as this group gets going, & more & more women jump on board to see what it's all about & maybe even decide it's EXACTLY what they have been needing, that all of us will find at least 1 "soul sister". Someone who understands & gets you just the way you are. Maybe they share some of the same interests or ideologies as you but really their heart just speaks the language of your heart....whatever that language is.

I have a friend like this. She has been my dearest friend for over 30 years...since we were just children. No matter the distance between us, the years between visits, the time between phone calls, she always knows my heart. That, is an amazing amazing thing to find in another. Someone who loves you unconditionally. Her soul truly is the mirror of mine.

Some people don't think they need friends like that... I would beg to differ. Until you've known that kind of deep friendship, you will never know what you are missing.

I also want to remind everyone that this group, Red Tent, is not exclusive, it's INCLUSIVE! We are not about clique's. We want everyone who is interested to participate in our events as often as their schedules allow. Each of the events will be size limited but this is not meant as an exclusive thing. It's simply the best way to really facilitate getting to know one another beyond just the casual chit chat that happens when people get together for really large get togethers. Once we have a "base" of interested women participating then we will have an occasional larger get together. Some of those may even be open for those who participate to invite another friend of theirs from outside of MCH.

Because, like I said, we are NOT exclusive. We are INCLUSIVE! So join us! We are waiting for you!

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