Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roller Derby Wrap Up

Well, the roller derby has come & gone... on February 12th.

I have to say, although it was fun seeing our own Molly Lagrou out there doing her thing & the Derby Vixens smoke the opposing team, I was a teeny tiny bit bored! It was such a blow out game that there was really no competition at all from the other team! Way to go Derby Vixens! However, for my first roller derby, I was really hoping for some knock down, drag out action!

Oh well! It was still a fun experience & we will definitely have to do it again when the teams are more evenly matched for a real nail biter event! (Notice the scoreboard in the background... Derby Vixens have 86 to the opposing team's 7 points & that was only in the first period!!)