Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Behind The Name...

So, I thought I should make a post on the idea behind the formation of this group.....

I did not grow up in Michigan, even though I was born here. I didn't go to college here & I work from home so I'm not out in the work "field". All this means I don't have roots here so I have no friends! I've been hoping & praying for years that a few perfect (for me) people *or even just one* would arrive on the footsteps of my life. I have realized over the years that although I don't need a lot of intimate friendships, I do need 1 or 2 deep friendships. That's just the person that I am. I love friendships.... really open, honest, authentic, non-judgmental friendships. I think everyone needs 1 or 2 of them in their lives but I also think most people either
a. don't realize that
b. don't want to commit the time/energy to it
c. don't know where to start to get that

I began to think that if 1 person would "get the ball rolling" so to speak, that others might jump on board. Since this is really a huge part of my life I want to see changed, I decided maybe I should be that 1 person.

I've never been a "mommy group" kindof person though. I've never been into play groups or other clique's.... even as far back as elementary school! So, I knew that was NOT the type of group I wanted to start. I also am not a big "princess, queen, goddess or diva" kindof person. So, I knew THAT wasn't the type of group I wanted to start.

As I thought about what type of group I DID want to start I began to list out priorities in my definition of a friend..... and that is how I came up with the purpose of Red Tent. Based on the definition of the group, the chosen name (Red Tent) seemed like a perfect fit (thanks Neesh!). In ancient times, the red tent was a place where women would gather to nurture, care, encourage & support one another...

The Purpose of Red Tent:

*To provide a way for women in a similar place in life to get to know one another in an intimate way
*To provide an outlet for women to escape from their regular motherly & wifely duties
*To provide an avenue for women to nurture themselves through intimate relationships, communication, shared experiences & adventure

I love big get togethers as much as the next person but my real hope for this group is that through it, many of the participants, myself included, become life long friends...

The best way to facilitate deep connections is through intimate small gatherings. So, for the most part, all of the events (which will be varied in time, place & activity) hosted by Red Tent will be such. They will always be posted on the bulletin board at MCH as well as the facebook page & this blog. They will be attended on a "space limited", "first come, first serve" basis.

In this way, there is also the opportunity for a different group of women to participate in each event, as their schedules allow & as they commit themselves by signing up. Because, I do feel friendship... true friendship is about commitment. It takes work. But it is fun & it should be spontaneous & adventurous as well!

So, hang on! Cuz here we gooooooo!

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