Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adventures.... and Drinking...

Initially, my goal is that Red Tent will host 1 event a month. Eventually, if attendance is high & varied (which I hope it is), maybe I will expand that to every other week.

Of course the familiar "Ladies' Night" is always a must but I hope to include morning events as well as night time get togethers & even all day weekend events or overnight activities eventually.

I want Red Tent to be a a good place to find an adventure that's been waiting for you...

Maybe a belly dancing class or a guitar lesson.

Maybe a photographic day trip or a wine tasting.

Maybe a road trip or a train get away.

Seeing new places & experiencing new things....and having someone to do it with!

Of course, all of these things will ultimately circle around eating & drinking... because at the end of it all, this is a tried & true way for people around the world, no matter what differences they have, to relate & communicate & enjoy time spent with one another.

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