Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How Has It Been A Year Already??

It really seems like just a few weeks ago that I was madly organizing the relaunch Red Tent event at Painting with a Twist. How on earth has it been almost a year ago already?!

Obviously I didn't do a very good job of relaunching! *blush*

My kids are now in 1st & 3rd grade & we've been coming to MCH since my oldest was just starting his first year of Primary! So now I'm one of the "oldies" around school I guess. But seriously, I see so many new faces that I want to get to know & I think about this group at least once a week. So, I think it's time to try try again!

What is that saying?.... "Every day is a second chance!" or is it "Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest!".

This time around I'm going to take advantage of all the wonderful friendships I've already made & call on some of them to help host/plan events too. I know I'm very busy. I know the holidays are very busy. I know it's hard to get people to sign up for things with people they don't know. I know that life takes over when you've got littles at home & you're trying to work & take care of bills & maintain your sanity. So, I'm counting on my little army (aka awesome friends) to help me with these things. Like how I'm planning for success this time around?! Busyness can be so lonely!

So, I'm thinking of another relaunch event. This will be unlimited in size so it will be more of an ice breaker. Moving forward we will continue to have a maximum limit per event of 6 people, including the host. In this way the groups are small enough to be intimate & the conversations will go deeper than the casual chit chat that happens in a large group.

If you have been desperate to make some new friends at this stage in your life, you are not alone!

If you haven't gone to one of our events yet (and most of you haven't) then I hope you will sign up for one here & there. And tell your MCH mom friends. And get them to sign up for one here & there too. Before you know it we will all know each other a little better!

Stay tuned for the next event! It will be posted on our private Facebook page. If you are not currently a member, please request to join so you can stay up to date on what's happening.