Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sushi Night Wrap Up...

Well, it seems that 3 times really WAS a charm! We had our biggest turnout to date at our 3rd attempt at a Sushi Night and boy did we have a good time!

There were 7 of us total & we met at 7:00 pm at Sansu. A kotatsu style table, low to the ground, was reserved under the name Red Tent.

As we began to filter in, a couple drinks were ordered.... including some Asian Pear sake! Then we began the tedious but mouth watering process of narrowing down our sushi choices! In the end we decided on 9 rolls to share (7 different ones!) and a teriyaki chicken Bento box as well. Our sushi order included a complimentary house salad with ginger dressing & miso soup, which you drank from the small bowl, rather than using a spoon.  Several gals ordered the delicious seaweed salad as well.  So, we were all very well fed!

We finished up with our food around 10:00 & decided to call it a night after paying our tabs.

What a great night! Of the 7 gals, we had four "first-timers", who we hope will continue to join us at more events in the future! And thanks of course to our "multi-timers" as well! We're glad you keep coming back for more!

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